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Health Monitors

Our Health Monitors are a set of devices that are more than a regular smartwatch, these gadgets were created to monitor and measure important areas of your body.

Our health monitors measure your blood pressure, hearth rate, oxygen in your blood and are also capable of doing an electrocardiogram from your wrist. Its like having a doctor's office on your wrist!.

These devices help you monitor your health whether is chest pain, low or high blood pressure, these devices can run a test of your signals in seconds and prevent fatalities. 

Our health monitors are easy to use, multi touch screens with large numbers and colorful screens.

L9:  Comes with a biological sensor that allows to run electrocardiograms from your wrist in seconds, it also has monitors to measure blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen in your blood, sleep monitoring, steps and calories burned, for more details click here.






S20: One of our most advance heath monitors, not only has all the L9 functions such as ECG to run electrocardiograms, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and sleep monitors but also comes with a larger screen, super retina display, large numbers, and super high definition colors. for more details click here.